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About Us



THANK YOU FOR VISITING. MY NAME IS VALERIE, I'M THE OWNER AND CONTENT Creator OF YOUR BRIGHT CORNER. Native from "La isla del Encanto" Puerto Rico moved out to Miami to chase my dreams and new opportunities. 

The bright corner is my dream and side hustle baby, the concept behind the brand is BOLD BRAVE and BRIGHT clothing for all types of body shapes, we offer plus sizes too.

Your Bright Corner was created to help women get out of their comfort zone through fashion and clothing,

We love BOLD pieces, BRAVE fashion, and BRIGHT clothing to elevate that confidence that every woman carries within themelves. Your confidence is all that matters and we believe there are no strict rules to wearing clothing just to be yourself. COLORFUL pieces to add to your wardrobe and use in everyday occasions. Don't wait for the perfect occasion to wear the glitter, the bold fuchsia blouse, or maybe those neon pants? 

We believe in BOLD in BRAVERY and in BRIGHTNESS!

Shine your own way, always. 

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